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PUSH, installation and performance, part of ‘Situation’ exhibition curated by Suzie Attiwill, Simon Maidment, Sven Mehzoud and Kate Rhodes, RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne, 23 July – 3 August 2014.



PUSH, live installation performance, Creative Time Summit in Melbourne, curated by Center for Cultural Partnerships, University of Melbourne,Federation Square Atrium, Melbourne, Friday 25 October 2013.



PPPPP Practice Group, series of 4 live installation performance events and a colloquium, part of ‘Convergence’ exhibition, RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne, 3-4 May + 15 May 2013.



superfluous silent men, series of 6 live installation performance events, the Village Festival, Edinburgh Gardens Melbourne, 2-4 Nov 2012.